Our warehouse is your warehouse.

Europe Retail Collective can ship items directly to your customer, this way you have access to all stock on this webshop. Entering a dropshipment can be done easily by changing the delivery address in the check-out.

Data connection.

By setting up a data connection with Europe Retail Collective you can connect your own webshop to the stock of this webshop (over 50.000 items with available stock at any given time) so that you don't have to enter dropshipments manually anymore.


Dropshipment via a data connection.
All benefits listed.
  • Your webshop shows availability, even of items that you (temporarily) have not in stock yourself;
  • Your customer receives items cheaper and faster;
  • No manual actions/labour required;
  • We ship the goods with your packing slip in the box;
  • The amount of investment in stock can be decreased;
  • Your turnover can grow without any necessary investments in warehousing and personnel;
  • Deliveries throughout the whole of Europe


1. Productfeed

You can receive a productfeed [csv] daily, which you can use to automatically create and update existing items.

2. Stockfeed

To ensure that the delivery times on your webshop are accurate at any given time, you will receive a stockfeed [csv] every 15 minutes.

3. XML Orders

As soon as you receive an order on your webshop you can immediately send us an XML-order that we will process immediately (24/7).

4. Order feedback

Via an order feedback [csv] file you will be informed about each update in the status of each order. In this file you will also find the track&trace links once the shipment has been registered with the carrier.

5. Serial numbers

Via SerialNumberRegistration_year [csv] you can always find all registered serial numbers of everything we have shipped to you or your customer.


Upstream data: from Retail to ERC

Effective data sharing is essential for achieving successful collaboration between suppliers and retailers. The Exchange of Retail Data, via ERC, is a platform that enables both parties to share valuable information that can help them make informed business decisions.

Sharing data on order intake, stock, and sell-out data can be particularly beneficial for retailers. For instance, by sharing their sell-out data, retailers can help suppliers to forecast demand and plan production more accurately. This, in turn, can lead to a reduction in out-of-stock situations and backorders. Moreover, sharing stock data can enable suppliers to optimize their replenishment schedules, ensuring that retailers always have the right products at the right time. Additionally, these data help suppliers to more effectively carry out stock protections.

In summary, data sharing through the ERC can bring significant benefits to both suppliers and retailers. Retailers who share their order intake, stock, and sell-out data with ERC can enjoy improved operational efficiency, better forecasting, and more optimized inventory levels. Ultimately, data sharing can help retailers stay competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace, making it an essential aspect of modern business practices.

Order intake, Stock, and Sell-Out

Frequency: upload once a week, on Monday morning before 08:00, with order intake and sell-out data regarding the previous week and the current stock levels, aggregated by SKU/EAN.
Columns: ItemCode, EAN, Date, QuantityOrderIntake, QuantitySellOut, QuantityStock
Filename: MemberReporting_lidnummer.csv