Meet Europe Retail Collective, the most efficient buying group for the retail. The forces of collectivity and automation result in an efficient consolidation warehouse with fast deliveries to the whole of Western Europe. With its platform, ERC brings retail and suppliers together and forms a community. In addition to the purchase and sale of photo, video, and music products, ERC also provides fulfillment, drop shipment, and warehousing.

Europe PV

One-stop-shopping dealer portal for the Photo/Video retail with over 80.000 different SKU's, over 550 top brands, and more than 350 dealers connected.

Europe MI

One-stop-shopping dealer portal for the Music Industry. Have access to the most important brands with the shortest delivery times in the most efficient way possible.



Since 1964, Europe Retail Collective, under the name Info/Europa-Foto, has provided retail with a one-stop-shopping concept. Retailers can view the prices and delivery times of all their products in one place and can immediately place all their orders. Doing business with their suppliers is easier, more efficient, and more fun via ERC. Because ERC takes care of forecasting, has data links with its suppliers, and keeps stock, the retail has access to an enormous availability. Retailers can offer this gigantic stock on its own website via simple and reliable data links, without having to make the necessary investments. This is one of the great advantages of a collective purchasing group.

Suppliers can serve the retail better through ERC and ERC takes a lot of work off suppliers hands. In addition to the advantages of the purchasing group, ERC also offers warehousing, and fulfillment in order to offer an even more complete service.